Game developers petition MS to support OpenGL 
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 Game developers petition MS to support OpenGL

Apparently fed up with working with Direct3D, a large group of game developers
have petitioned Microsoft to release a model for OpenGl accelerated video
drivers.  The current generation of boards have Direct3D support because
Microsoft has pushed Direct3D down their throats.  Microsoft has not even
released an OpenGL driver model, much less forced it down anyone's throats.
You can find the text of the petition at:


It's looking more and more like OpenGL is going to "win" the 3D API war.  I
see this as a great opportunity for IBM.  If IBM could get OpenGL 1.1 update
and their OpenGL Device Driver Developement Kit out the door soon, they could
make an announcement to all the game companies that OpenGL is where you want
to go today and it's on OS/2.  They could make a push to get OpenGL hardware
drivers completed and OS/2 would once again be a good {*filter*} platform for
major vendors to consider developing for.  

Even if MS got the same thing done, it would be easy for the vendors to
support both OS/2 and Win32 because OpenGL is just that - Open.  DART is at
least close in functionality to DirectSound (OK, it still needs some work, but
it isn't bad from what I understand).  OS/2 has joystick support.  OS/2 has
great networking support.  At that point the only thing that would be lacking
is good full screen support.  I see all of these as things that IBM could fix.

The great thing is that OpenGL is great for businesses and will eventually be
a part of Java in some way.

What can you do?  Send IBM messages pointing out these facts.  Don't know
where to send your messages?  Check out:




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Tue, 30 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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